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Updated to add: The use of the term ‘single mother’ is not exactly accurate. The rest of us who have to LIVE with your fucked up, emotionally scarred children will PAY you to have a fucking abortion. Second, single mothers are clearly really, really shitty at making life decisions. You both put each other’s happiness above your own. Now divorced mothers, who are a breed of single mothers, MHT be a little different, but whenever you approach one, sing this little song in your head: it takes two to tango. What kind of insecurities plague a woman who thinks getting married to a drug addict is good idea?

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If you are a mother and you are collecting child support, you are not a single mother. Having a child out of wedlock is pretty much the number one thing you can do to fuck up your life. Oh, that’s the story she’ll spin for you, because really, what women is going to sit there and say “I’m an unbearably controlling and irrational cunt who made my husband’s life such hell he decided he would rather be a weekend Dad than spend one more second with me”. What kind of delusional self-image does a woman have, if she can fall for a con artist with a gambling habit that would shame Charlie Sheen?

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If you screw up and get pregnant, don’t screw up even more and bring an innocent child along with you! Even if it’s TRUE that the husband was a colossal fuck-up, you need to ask yourself what kind of imperceptive moron couldn’t spot that?

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Children of single mothers do poorly on every imaginable scale: they have more emotional problems, experience more stress, are more likely to grow up poor, they have lower educational achievements and experience way more behavioral problems than children who grow up with married parents. journalid=37&articleid=107§ionid=692 Ladies, this is why abortion exists! Divorced moms who escaped abusive marriages with drug/sex/gambling/whatever addicts should not get a free pass from you, either.

Valentine's gifts for girl you just started dating:

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